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Ah, Brum. An underdog of a city. Consistently overlooked in favour of London and Manchester.

I really knew nothing about Birmingham when I first started commuting here for university. And when I moved to the city centre, a year later, boy did I find out a lot – usually the hard way. From neighbourhoods to concerts and coffee shops to knitting, if I see something interesting out and about, I will whip out my camera to record it and blog away.

By the way, I am Lexie. A Midlands girl since birth, I moved here a few years ago and used my afternoons off become a Birmingham flaneur of sorts; absorbing the surroundings and noting the dirt, the insults, the fashion and the changing use of the city centre buildings. Birmingham moves surprisingly fast – if you don’t take a look around you might miss it (thank you Mr Ferris Bueller for that valuable advice).

From my corner of the city, I’ve seen festivals, street fairs, performances, riots and protests. I try to take in as much as I can whilst out and about as I can never be sure when I will be kept housebound by my chronic health problems. Luckily I have a rather wonderful husband who braves the streets for me when I can’t get out. He moved to Britain shortly after we married (he’s American – I know, a Yank in Brum!) and has a love/ hate relationship with this place. Just when he thinks he’s seen it all, Birmingham surprises him. It surprises many people.

This blog is to capture daily life in Birmingham, and share aspects of the city that you may not be familiar with or maybe have forgotten about. If you have any tips for things to see, do or eat here, I’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment or drop me an email.



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  1. Hi Lexie, good news!

    I have nominated your blog for the Most Influential Blogs of 2012 award.

    The rules of this award are at


  2. A blog from Birmingham… is that a bit like ‘Letters from a Prison Cell’? 😀

  3. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it 🙂 what an interesting blog you have ! for sure will be back here 🙂


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