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Are these the best cupcakes in the world? Quite possibly!

(clockwise from left) lemon & Earl Grey, Chocolate and vanilla, red velvet, double chocolate, strawberry and vanilla bean.

Ok, ok, I couldn’t resist. I have to get through the next few days before the move. And in order to do this and not go mad, treats and goals seem like a good idea.

So I forwent the delights of the Brum Christmas Market, yesterday and instead invested in these 6 glorious cuppies from my favorite Frost & Snow. Since I’m leaving the city next week, I thought I’d big them up one last time as they do such a wonderful job creating lovely lovely things and also helping the homeless get back on their feet and find a skill.

The thing that first drew me to these particular cupcakes was the exquisite icing in the shape of a rose. And talking to the man at the stand in the Bull Ring this afternoon, I heard that the bakery are now offering icing workshops. I know a few talented amateur bakers in the city who would love this as a Christmas present. It might also be a great idea for a classier hen do than Broad Street currently offers.

The husband and I have already demolished 3 in the same way we demolish french macarons (straight down the middle). I’m a big fan of the Lemon & Earl Grey (though it doesn’t do me any good health-wise) but he went into a food coma over the strawberry because it goes against the normal cupcake practice of vanilla sponge paired with dodgy fake strawberry icing. Instead there are strawberries in the sponge and the icing is a soft vanilla. Yum bloody yum.

I think it will be hard to usurp the macaron from it’s pole position in my mind’s Dessert Hall of Fame but Frost & Snow are definitely giving it their best shot.


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