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It’s Heeeeeeere! Christmas Market is back in Brum

So fresh and so clean: last night stall holders were still setting up the market.

Sorry for the allusion to Poltergeist, I’m having a Halloween Hangover.

Anyway, The Frankfurt Christmas Market is back in town for the 11th year running. This is apparently still the largest Christmas market outside Germany. I was wandering back home through Victoria Square last night and thought I’d share these photos of the last minute preparations. Mostly because the market will shortly be very crowded and rubbish levels will rival a post-Glastonbury nightmare.

Organizers busy setting up the glass ornament stand yesterday.

One of the best things about living in the city during the market is the ability to  visit on week nights, avoiding the weekend crowds (which literally bring New Street to a standstill).

The smell of new wood has been pervading the city centre all this week as the stalls were constructed and fir trees dotted all around. Now it has been replaced with the mingling scents of hot bratwurst, gluwein, German beer, chestnuts, hot sugar and gingerbread. in other words, Christmas heaven.

The market has undoubtedly grown bigger each year. Last year it extended the whole length of New Street and this year’s new addition is a huge food stand near the Bull Ring that rings bells to the tune of Moon River. So far so cheesy but nothing will ever beat that stuffed moose head that thinks it’s Sinatra in Victoria Square.

Waiting for the punters: expect these beer stalls to be rammed by Saturday afternoon.

Walking through town today it seems all the hard work has paid off with the high street way busier than normal for a Thursday afternoon. I’ve already succumbed to the crusty bread on offer. But courageously avoided the beer and brats (the husband would consider it grounds for divorce if I did this without him).

The picture above features a quite frankly huge beer glass that now resides in our flat. The husband reasons that it will make a wonderful vase. I am still yet to use it for this purpose but it’s a step up from the times he used to put flowers in beer bottles. Just tonight he has suddenly thought of an excuse to head over to The Wellington (we are moving on Tuesday!!!!! Packing anyone?) and I’m sure it’s so he can sneak a cheeky brat…

I hope everyone who ventures out to the market this year has a wonderful time, wraps up warm and keeps their wallets safe (cause you know, crowds).

And if this doesn’t get you in the mood for the party season, nothing will.


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